XIX, Lewis Hamilton’s management company is reported to have secured the services of Didier Coton, Mika Hakkenen’s previous manager.

This signals a move the right direction for the 2008 World Driver Champion’s resurgence. Most people in the sport, Lewis included, admit 2011 was possibly his worst year – fraught with silly errors and a “beef” with Massa all season.

Unhappy Bubble (photo from GPUpdate)

Although it is difficult to analyse exactly what went wrong; the break-down of his relationship with his previous manager (his father Anthony Hamilton) and that with his pop-star girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger are the likely culprits of his sub-par 2011 F1 season.

So this latest move by XIX will be welcomed by many fans who would like to see Lewis back to his best and battling with the other 5 WDCs on the grid this year.

As Lewis would say, having a “Happy Bubble” means better results on track. Another part of that perfect bubble is rekindling his relationship with Ms Scherzinger, who celebrated his WDC win in 2008 in Brazil – and will hopefully celebrate another WDC win in the near future.