Sponsorship in Formula 1 is a lucrative business; with global audiences of  half a billion people, there is no shortage of brands and businesses wanting to plaster their logos on the cars and drivers.

2011 saw Red Bull claim the World Drivers’ Championship and the Constructor’s Championship too in F1, and they also triumphed in the battle of the brands (see graph from SPORT+MARKT)

Ranking of Top 5 Brands by Media Value in Formula 1 (in $million USD, 2011)

Red Bull (Red Bull Racing) topped the TV media value with almost 200million US$, followed by LG (F1 partner). Pirelli (tyre supplier to all F1 teams) and Vodafone (McLaren) each managed to bring in just over half of Red Bull’s total, and USB (another F1 partner) was the fifth ranked top brand by media value in F1.

2012 is a shaping up to be a more challenging year for Red Bull Racing so perhaps they might take a dent in their “media value”. Also, Lucozade’s more prominent branding on McLaren cars and 2012 being an Olympic Year might propel them into the Top 5 soon.

McLaren Rear Wing