Key Comments from the International Motorsport Summit with presentations from Alex Sauber (Sauber F1), Richard Bracewell (Shell Motorsport) and Aled Rees (JMI).


  • Brand Exposure was not Unilever’s main focus while negotiating partnership with Lotus; it was more about Brand Health Tracking and Brand Activation, highlighting different metrics used by sponsors. Similar situation with Shell and Ferrari’s 500-race relationship and McLaren’s with GSK – it is a technology partnership and less about the (already popular) logos on cars.
  • Several Brand Activation campaigns are run simultaneously for different sponsors at different levels of partnership i.e. Sponsors vs Right-Holders.
  • It is obvious that Fan Engagement via Social Media is on the rise but most feel SM tools could and should expanded beyond fan-engagement and “mood-maps” to add value to sponsors and partners.
  • For certain sponsors, consumer-uptake is not as immediate as buying a t-shirt after a race win. Since the bank’s involvement with Formula 1, Santander has seen higher number of deposits than its competitors. And is committed to Ferrari till 2017 and will sponsor the German and British Grands Prix at Nurburgring and Silverstone respectively.