The BBC Formula 1 show had a piece on the cost of Formula 1 car crashes over the weekend of the 2013 Belgium Grand Prix. They estimate that Romain Grosjean’s 1st lap 5-car-cluster-crash in the 2012 race cost as much as a whopping £1.5million. This comprises various team’s car-parts worth:

Front Wing End-plate – £7000+

Front Corner Suspension – £100,000

Nose and Front Wing Assembly – £100,000

Engine – £150,000 (Each driver is allowed 8 per season)

Rear Wing, Sidepod and Radiator – £65,000

With F1 at its safest level for several decades, each crash must be eye-watering for team principals once their driver emerges from the wreckage unscathed. But this is part of what makes F1 exciting for fans to watch. Here is compilation of crashes from the 2011 season. (Footage from FOM & YouTube)