In January 2014, Red Bull sold its first can of its energy drink in China after several years of trying. Just-Drinks reported that this delay was due to Red Bull’s Thai co-owner Chaleo Yoovidhya’s distribution rights for his own brand Krating Daeng.

A non-carbondated drink called “Red Bull” was already being sold in China however it is manufactured by Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co, which is a different company to Austria’s Red Bull. Now, the Austrian outfit has obtained the necessary permissions to launch its energy drink and has an office building in Shanghai.

Austria’s Kronen Zeitung says: “The aim is a selective distribution of Red Bull, limited to urban areas and a target group that knows the brand from abroad. We want to develop a feel for the market and the consumers”.

Marcus Prosser, Red Bull Relationship Manager spoke after the recent Chinese Grand Prix: “The first imported can of Red Bull was sold in the country at the start of 2014. It is a special exciting year for Red Bull and the Chinese consumer can expect quite a lot from Red Bull. Chinese fans are passionate and so knowledgeable”.

Red Bull is based near Salzburg and it sold 5.2 billion cans ($6.7 billion) of its energy drink in 2012.

Links: Bloomberg, Euromonitor