I met up with Livia Livia Cevolini, boss of Energica Superbike at the Monaco ePrix where Energica was part of an exhibition at the launch of the Convergence initiative. This charming and enthusiastic lady took the time to speak to the queue of interested delegates (including DSVirgin Formula E boss, Alex Tai) about the latest Italian masterpiece from Modena.
The team is currently delivering the first batch of Energica Ego bikes so is even busier than usual, but Livia was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the company.

Livia Cevolini, Energica SBK CEO

The iconic Ferrari supercar was founded in Modena by Modenese car manufacturer Enzo Ferrari – Is it a coincidence that EnergicaSBK is also based in Modena? What was the motivation to develop an electric superbike rather than a petrol or hybrid bike?

It’s not a coincidence, we live in the Italian Motor Valley! We are raised with fast and gorgeous cars and bikes. Energica was born here in Modena, in the capital of speed, from an entrepreneurial vision of my family between 2008 and 2009.
During those years, we decided to start looking at what we thought was the future, like electric vehicles. We decide to focus on something completely new, with completely new technologies, and in a market where there was still time and space to be heard. This is why we decided to develop an electric bike instead of a petrol or hybrid bike

The electric car and electric mobility is not a new phenomenon but do you have any unique technologies and patents from developing the bikes?

 Yes, several patents have been registered for Energica: battery packs, the VCU, the ride-by-wire and Windform materials – a unique composite material within the additive manufacturing and 3D printing sector. On the development of the bike, CRP Group technologies has played a key role (her brother Franco is CEO of CRP). Projects that would normally take 4 to 6 years in big companies, in our case were made possible thanks to the CRP technologies developed for aerospace and F1. This allowed us to shorten the time to market, to shorten the research time and manage costs efficiently.

Full article and interview is available on Electric Autosport. Photo via @HannahElliott