Padmasree Warrior (CEO NextEV USA, and former Cisco CTO and Strategy Officer) was recently interviewed by Bloomberg Studio 1.0. She spoke of her vision for NextEV and how she plans to take on Tesla, Google and Apple in the electric vehicles (EV) market and being one of the few female CEOs in the Technology and Automotive Industry. Here is an excerpt of the interview. A link to the full Bloomberg video is provided below.

On Tesla: Padmasree admits the company and its founder, Elon Musk have profoundly changed three things in the EV market-space:

  1. Tesla was the first company to establish the electric vehicle as a mainstream vehicle (Nissan might beg to differ!)
  2. They facilitated the move to a digital platform with over-the-air software updates
  3. And they made it a B2C company, rather than B2B i.e. through dealers

Although she drives a Tesla herself and admits she can see where improvements could be made e.g. the passenger experience, the UI/UX, under-utilised screen etc.

NEXTEV’s vision: “It is really¬† to optimise all of the experiences around (electric cars)”, she says. NextEV aims to develop a more affordable car than Tesla and to optimise the experience around the car, using thinking from the mobile internet space.

Target Market: While Tesla dominates the West, NextEV’s target is the fast growing EV market in China, driven by Government incentives, greater consumer power and growing family sizes.

In 2011, leading market research consultancy, Frost and Sullivan estimated that EV units shipment sales in China will increase to about 300,000 in 2016 and to 1million in 2020.



No doubt, their involvement in the all-electric racing series, FormulaE is crucial in developing the technologies and components we’ll see in future EVs.

Formula E World Championship
NEXTEV TCR Formula E Car (copyright: NEXTEV TCR)

Full Interview with Ms Warrior is available in this link