As part of her degree, a sports fan conducted a survey to establish if and how social media impacts fans’ experiences. The results of the survey which was targeted and promoted heavily among motorsport fans, have been made available to Gridpasses and summarised here:

Of 106 respondents comprising 39 Females and 67 Males, and 76 individuals aged 30 years or under, only 7% of over 30s responded “Disagree or Strongly Disagree” to the statement “I use social media as my primary source of information on sport” and 11% of under 30s responded “Disagree or Strongly Disagree” to the same statement; i.e. majority of fans do use social media as their main source of sports content or news.

When asked “Have you ever attended any Formula E events in person / Do you intend to in the future?”, 46% of under 30s responded “No but Would like to” vs 37% of over 30s. Unsurprisingly, the main reason for not attending was cost and proximity to races. One respondent even commented that the Formula E race format was too short to justify an international trip.

Another interesting question from the survey was “Have you ever had any negative experiences concerned with sport on social media?”. Several female motorsport fans have commented about this over the years and the survey results did show that a higher percentage of female fans (51%) have negative experiences compared to male fans (39%); though admittedly “negative experiences” are fairly subjective.

Majority of responses to “What do you expect from sports related social media channels?” were Exclusive Content and Fan Engagement; both of which Formula 1 is slowly beginning to embrace – lagging well behind MotoGP and FormulaE.