This is not a review of the event.

The Vegas eRace went ahead as scheduled during the CES event in Las Vegas and as could be expected of a brand new event of its kind, it suffered a few hiccups – documented by several  websites after the event. Overall, the organisers and teams judged it a success and intend to host similar events in the future.

GridPasses ran a poll on its sister account @eRacingNews immediately after the event; inviting fans who had watched the live event to comment on the spectacle and potential new eSport championship.

Results showed that of 161* respondents who claimed to have watched the race, 107 thought it was a good event but felt it requires a few tweaks and from their comments, “tweaks” would be an understatement. 22% did not care for the event at all and would probably not watch if another was hosted and 11% felt it should only be a one-off event though.

*18 votes were discounted as they indicated they didn’t know what the Vegas eRace was.


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Prize Money Results; following demotion of original “winner” due to FanBoost glitch.

(S) denotes Sim Racer.