In October 2017, FIA World Endurance Championship series organisers ran a global fan survey in 10 languages which amassed 54,500 completed surveys and 37,200 analysed responses. 65% of the overall sample was from European respondents, 20% were from the Americas, 10% from Asia-Pacific and 5% from outside these regions.

The key findings from the results are as follows:

  • The average age of WEC fans is 38 and there is a very balanced split between under 35 (43%) and over 35s (57%).
  • WEC fans are big followers of F1, 87.7% of WEC fans actively follow F1. Interest in other motorsport series falls dramatically; except in the US where Indycar is very popular
  • The top 5 WEC attributes were Technological, Competitive, Innovative, Exciting and Global. Compared to F1, a greater percentage of fans considered WEC more competitive, innovation, world class, cheaper and accessible, however F1 was deemed to have a technological edge.


  • More “Under 35s” watched WEC content on YouTube compared to older fans, the latter preferring to watch content on TVfiawecMediaGraph3c
  • Over 60% of fans indicated they would be prepared to pay additional WEC content, mostly under 35s
  • Over 85% of WEC fans believe sponsors contribute to the success of the championship. They also think more highly of sponsors and are more likely to purchase their products. On-car branding has the largest positive impact on behaviour
  • In terms of WEC event importance, almost all fans agreed that the 24Hours of LeMans was most important however 6Hours of COTA was considered least important by fans in Europe and Asia-PacificfiawecMediaGraph4bFor a copy of the Media report, visit: