LONDON, UK (April 19, 2018) — GridPasses, in conjunction with MotorsportSisterhood, is proud to introduce a motorsport travel grant for young women who aspire to make a positive impact on the racing industry. In a move to increase inclusivity for an often underrepresented group in the sporting world, the two women-owned entities have joined forces to identify talented young women from the age of 14 to 29 with the goal of helping their voices be heard in the world of motorsport.

A grant of up to 300 Euros will assist with travel costs associated with reporting on and covering motorsport events such as live racing, pre- or mid-season testing, motorsport workshops, and seminars. The entrant will prove their qualifications and financial need by writing a short essay (300-500 words) in any language on why they enjoy reporting on motorsport events and thus deserves the grant. They will also commit to writing an article on the motorsport event they attend, plus a piece to be published on the GridPasses and MotorsportSisterhood websites.

“Having been involved in motorsport for several years, GridPasses is pleased to be able to support upcoming talent with MotorsportSisterhood — especially those currently underrepresented,” said Bunmi Ade, GridPasses founder. “We hope this will be the first of many grants awarded and that we can kickstart motorsport careers for many young women.”

Brij Schuil, the CEO of MotorsportSisterhood, hopes the grant will give a chance to those who might not have one otherwise. “We are thrilled to partner with GridPasses in issuing this grant,” said Schuil. “Funding young talent, especially talent from marginalised groups, has always been a goal of this organisation. I am deeply grateful to GridPasses for offering this grant. Journalists are, on average, among the lowest-paid members of the motorsport community, and therefore this partnership fills an underserved niche in the tribe.”

This competition is open to girls/women in every country, not just EU citizens. Deadline for applying for the travel grant is Thursday 28th June 2018, 22:00hrs GMT. To apply and read all terms and conditions, visit


About GridPasses:

GridPasses specialises in motorsport business stories and branding — the real engine behind motorsports. We also host a regular invite-only Motorsport Business Roundtables at which Business Strategists, Motorsport Marketers and Business Development Managers discuss latest trends in the business. We have also been involved in several charity fundraising drives including Zoom Auction, Laureus Sports for Good and Red Bull Spine Injuries charity “Wings for Life”. Learn more at


About MotorsportSisterhood:

MotorsportSisterhood researches the social context, leadership, and gender dynamics of motorsport with the goal of alleviating the pain points felt by women in the sport. One of the key findings to date has been that finances are the biggest hurdle to women entering the sport. Thus, we are delighted to participate in providing opportunities for people to start a career writing about motorsport. For more information, please visit

Full terms and conditions of the travel grant can be found at /19/gridpasses-travel-grant.


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