Formula 1 announced the launch of F1 Live Twitter show on 30th of April, and after the Spanish Grand Prix on 13th of May, we got a first taste of this new addition to F1’s digital products.

Frank Arthofer, Director of Digital and New Business, Formula 1 said:
“On the heels of the of F1 TV launch announcement, we are thrilled to announce a new initiative aimed at expanding our fan engagement and monetization strategy on Twitter. Twitter came to us early on with an emphasis on co-producing original live content to extend the race weekend dialogue. Given how well their platform caters to driving conversation around global live events, the strategic fit was perfect; we’re thrilled to be partnering with them on this show in 2018.”

The stream went live after the race; hosts Will Buxton and Jolyon Palmer interviewed several drivers and analysed race replays. It worked fairly seamlessly; viewer numbers started around 3,500 when local drivers Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso were being interviewed and rose to over 6,000 when race winner and current championship leader, Lewis Hamilton stepped into the interview pen.



Initial feedback from fans on Twitter using the #F1Live hashtag indicates that although the service was well received, several people were surprised at the low number of live viewers given F1’s global audience. This is mostly likely due to competition from broadcasters’ live post-race shows or insufficient promotion, the latter of which should improve as the season progresses.

It is worth noting that other motorsport series such as NASCAR and FormulaE already offer Twitter-streamed content so F1 is quite late to this party – though we sure are glad they eventually turned up.